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May, 2002

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Welcome to 1M1 Records' May newsletter. As 1M1 Records moves into its fifth month on the internet, the number of visitors and customers is still on the rise. Thanks for the emails, they are very interesting, and very welcome. Sorry, however, to those who are still waiting for a reply, but I will be getting around to answering all the emails as things settle down. For those who asked for links to their sites, we will be doing more of those this month.

We will keep making other Australian film soundtrack releases available from other labels, as customers have indicated they would like to keep having access to these scores. Two more Australian scores have been added to the catalogue at the More Releases section this month.

1M1 Records' new release this month is "Annie's Coming Out". The score was nominated for an AFI Award for Best Film Score in 1984, and the film won the Best Film award. The complexly interwoven score features piano, harp and percussion with a string orchestra.

Quite a few of Simon Walker's scores have been released on CD now, including the feature film score which brought him to prominence, "The Wild Duck", as well as "For the Term of His Natural Life" and "The Pickwick Papers". Coming later this year, also from 1M1 Records, are his colourful Americana scores for "The Last of the Mohicans" and "Tom Sawyer".

Also in this month's newsletter is information about what is new on the website this month, and upcoming releases.

We look forward to seeing you back here for June's newsletter. Your feedback is welcome. info@1m1.com.au

Philip Powers.

May New Release

Simon Walker's score for the feature film "Annie's Coming Out" is this month's release. This 1984 film based on a true story won the Australian Best Film Academy Award from the Australian Film Institute. It tells of a young female social worker who begins work at a hospital for retarded children, and discovers that some of the psychiatric labels given to these children are incorrect. Proving this to be the case is difficult, however, as it is generally accepted that those who are 'profoundly retarded' cannot communicate, and therefore cannot think. In the case of Annie O'Farrell, finding a way for her to 'talk', other than speaking or writing, finally shows that she is not only able to think, but is highly intelligent. The battle against the hospital to acknowledge this in a legal sense goes to court, as the psychiatrists try to hide their misdiagnosis. The score by Simon Walker for this film is unobtrusive, as it gently emphasises the different aspects of the film's emotional degrees. There is the dark, eerie theme that represents the cold, heartless hospital and staff; the dramatic theme that hangs over the children like the spectre of death which creeps around the wards; and the theme for Annie that at first empathises with her, and later develops into a triumphant concerto-like piece. This last theme finally heralds the vindication of the social worker, the judicial system, and Annie's release from what was tantamount to a jail sentence. This complexly interwoven score is written for string orchestra, harp, percussion and piano.

Recent Soundtrack Additions to the Website

This month we've got two new Australian soundtrack additions to the site. The first is the best-selling score by Jon English and Mario Millo for the popular 1978 Australian miniseries "Against the Wind", as well as the television soundtrack for Mario Millo's score for the drama "G.P.". These are in the More Soundtracks section. I have located another couple of copies of "The Potato Factory" score by Carl Vine which is still available in the More Soundtracks section, and Paul Kelly's score for "Lantana" is back in stock as well.

The 1M1 Records Website

Current Releases; which are still being manufactured.


More Soundtracks; previously released titles which are still available, including titles previously released by 1M1 Records which are no longer being manufactured, and brand new CDs of other soundtracks which 1M1 has in its stocks, like Mario Millo's award-winning "The Lighthorsemen", Brian May's award-winning Grand Guignol horror score "Thirst", and Peter Best's "The Leaving of Liverpool". There are a range of other scores like Christopher Young's "The Vagrant" and "Hider in the House", Robert Folk's under-rated "Beastmaster 2", Leonard Rosenman's "Keeper of the City" and Georges Delerue's "The Last Metro". Other scores by Bruce Broughton ("Honey, I Blew Up the Kid" and "O Pioneers!"), Michael Kamen ("Company Business"), Georges Delerue ("The Woman Next Door") and Pino Donaggio ("Amore Piombo e Furore") are also available.


Collectors Items; rare 1M1 CDs priced in the premium range because of the difficulty in sourcing them, containing 1M1 CDs like "Devil in the Flesh / We of the Never Never", "Roadgames / Patrick", "Race for the Yankee Zephyr / The Survivor" and "Harlequin / The Day After Halloween": items which have very few soundtracks left in stock and are quite unlikely to become available again in the foreseeable future.


Secondhand Titles; soundtrack releases from anywhere in the world which 1M1 currently has in stock, containing quite a few bargain-priced excellent condition soundtrack CDs for sale, including several Australian film soundtracks. More titles will be added to this section as the page is updated each month. There is only one copy of many of these titles, however, so not all orders will be able to be filled immediately.


New Article

New and Upcoming Releases

"Annie's Coming Out"

Simon Walker's orchestral score for "Annie's Coming Out" is out this month. "Heroes' Mountain" is scheduled for release later in the year, as is Bruce Smeaton's score for "The Earthling". Brian May's score for "The True Story of Eskimo Nell" and Bruce Smeaton's score for "The Great MacArthy" are coming out this year, as well as two scores by Peter Best, for "Harp in the South" and "Poor Man's Orange". As mentioned last month, we are currently in the process of restoring his previously unreleased orchestral score for "Bliss", the Cannes Film Festival hit and AFI Best Film winner. Several other film scores are in various stages of development and will be announced shortly.

Recent Scoring Assignments

Peter Best is currently scoring season two of "Grass Roots" and a new cop drama being made for Channel 9.

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