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Harlequin / The Day After Halloween (aka Snapshot)
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CD Code: 1M1CD1010
Composer: Brian May
Price: Deleted
Harlequin (1980)
Composer: Brian May
Starring: Robert Powell, David Hemmings, Carmen Duncan
Directed by: Simon Wincer
Film Notes: (aka. Dark Forces / The Minister's Magician)  
The Day After Halloween (1979)
(aka. Snapshot)
Composer: Brian May
Starring: Sigrid Thornton
Directed by: Simon Wincer
Film Notes: (aka. Snapshot / One More Minute / Day Before Halloween / Night After Halloween)  


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Track Listing: Harlequin
1.  Main Title 2.04
2.  Political Theme 0.51
3.  Thunderclap 0.47
4.  Alex Spits Blood 0.41
5.  The Cure 3.15
6.  The Aerial / Did You Cure My Son? 1.34
7.  Was it Assassination? / Alex Plays Dead 0.43
8.  The Cliff 1.37
9.  Wolfe and Sandra 3.10
10.  Alice Disrobes / Shattering Windscreens 1.14
11.  Wolfe Leaves Alex 0.57
12.  Wolfe's Show of Magic 1.13
13.  Acid Alice / Wolfe's Face on the Tiles 2.14
14.  Sandra and Alex Leave 1.08
15.  Wolfe Escapes From Jail 0.49
16.  Letting Out the Dogs 1.26
17.  Wolfe on the Estate 2.26
18.  March of the Marbles 2.35
19.  The Set Up 2.09
20.  Wolfe's Death 1.32
21.  Wolfe's Resurrection 1.40
22.  Wolfe Killed Again 0.57
23.  Wolfe Dumped 1.04
24.  Wolfe Surfaces End Titles 3.22
The Day After Halloween
25.  Opening Titles 2.44
26.  Madeline / Pursued 1.27
27.  Preparing for the Shoot 1.23
28.  Locked Out 1.26
29.  Darryl is Jealous 2.38
30.  The Gay Disco 1.33
31.  Angela's Transformation 1.36
32.  Sans Chemisette 1.04
33.  Who's Sleeping in My Bed? 2.41
34.  Madeline Makes Her Move 2.24
35.  Goodbye to Madeline 1.07
36.  Fright and Flight 2.43
37.  Danger! The Whippy Van 1.15
38.  Elmer's Place 1.20
39.  Studio Fire 2.26
40.  Exit Darryl 2.39
41.  Closing Titles 1.48


This is a very rare soundtrack recording.

Simon Wincer (also director of The Lighthorseman, Free Willy and Lonesome Dove) writes, "From the tender moments in the final act to the lusher more romantic interludes, Brian May's music for Harlequin provides the atmosphere, mood and emotion that underscores the film. The bringing together of the image and sound effects are finely knitted with Brian's clever and beautifully crafted score."

Harlequin is a most unusual film, not just for Australia but for any country. It is perplexing and teasing in its conceit. A clown at a party heals a dying boy of his disease. Is he dangerous or is he benign? Is he a Christ-like figure or does something more sinister lie beneath his actions?

The Day After Halloween appears to be a simple story about a hairdresser-turned-model who is sought after for glamorous photo shoots. The subsequent events plunge her into a world which is glamorous and attractive, the only down points being a helpful mentor and a disruptive psychopath. Brian May's score moves from classic thriller mould to evocative themes for the model. As Simon Wincer describes the score, "Once again Brian May has proved that he is a master in this genre."

- Philip Powers

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