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The Leaving Of Liverpool
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CD Code: 1M1CD1019
Composer: Peter Best
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The Leaving Of Liverpool
Composer: Peter Best
Starring: Kevin Jones, Christine Tremarco, John Hargreaves, Bill Hunter
Directed by: Michael Jenkins


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Track Listing: 1.  Opening Titles 1.16
2.  Running with the Flag 1.26
3.  Proddy Dogs! 2.32
4.  All Hail to the Skylon 0.50
5.  Lily Runs for it 1.33
6.  Leaving Liverpool 1.07
7.  Egypt Through Bert's Eyes 2.35
8.  A Scarf for Lily 1.01
9.  Alf Overboard 3.33
10.  Home 1.44
11.  Wilson in the Quarry 1.24
12.  The Boss Rides 2.13
13.  Wilson Goes Home 2.37
14.  Brother Jerome and Bert/End Titles 2.47
15.  Lily Remembers Ellen 1.19
16.  Bush Christmas 1.32
17.  Lily Leaves the Bush 1.28
18.  Looking for Bert 1.06
19.  Wilson's Dead 1.41
20.  Burning the Church 3.47
21.  On the Run 1.01
22.  Pyramids 0.51
23.  Blood Brother 2.19
24.  The Eighth Wonder of the World 2.41
25.  Blood Brother 0.56
26.  Bert's Letter 1.11
27.  Lily's Letter/Lil Meets Ellen/Bert & the Queen 3.33
28.  Bert in Gaol 2.26
29.  Final Flag/Main Theme 3.48


The music by Peter Best sensitively underscores the drama and sadness inherent in these circumstances, and the story follows Bert and Wilson and Lily, shunted to Australia into a life of deprivation and extreme hardship. Their courageous response to their dire conditions is the underlying drama of the story.

This mini-series followed on the heels of one of the ABC's highest rating mini-series ever, Brides of Christ. This one also rated through the roof, and moved audiences to tears in a story about orphans sent from England to Australia, beginning in the 1930s.

  Also available by Peter Best:  The Heroes / Heroes II - The Return, Rebel, Muriel's Wedding, Doing Time for Patsy Cline, Devil In The Flesh / We of the Never Never, Dad and Dave: On Our Selection and Crocodile Dundee (1986).

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