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Night Crossing
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CD Code: RVF6004D
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
Price: Deleted
Night Crossing
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
Conductor: Jerry Goldsmith
Starring: John Hurt, Jane Alexander, Glynnis O'Connor, Doug McKeon, Beau Bridges and Ian Bannen
Directed by: Delbert Mann


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Track Listing: 1.  Main Title 1.48
2.  All in Vain 3.24
3.  The Picnic 4.04
4.  Plans 5.06
5.  Success 3.43
6.  First Flight 9.45
7.  The Patches 2.50
8.  Tomorrow We Go 1.03
9.  No Time to Wait 5.36
10.  Final Flight 6.16
11.  In the West 3.34

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