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Roxanne and other Film and Television Themes by Bruce Smeaton
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CD Code: 1M1CD1022
Composer: Bruce Smeaton
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Roxanne and other Film and Television Themes by Bruce Smeaton
Composer: Bruce Smeaton
Conductor: Bruce Smeaton
Production Notes: Performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra 
Film Notes: A compilation of Bruce Smeaton's best known themes. 


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Track Listing: 1.  Roxanne Title Theme 3.20
2.  Patrol Boat 3.23
3.  Iceman 3.14
4.  A Town Like Alice 2.42
5.  1915 5.27
6.  Monkey Grip 2.22
7.  Plenty 3.54
8.  Eleni 4.46
9.  The Alien Years 2.21
10.  Seven Little Australians 1.58
11.  Picnic At Hanging Rock 2.58
12.  The Great MacArthy 2.26
13.  Five Mile Creek 3.17
14.  The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith 2.46
15.  The Devil's Playground 2.22
16.  Squizzy Taylor 2.29
17.  The Boy in the Bush 1.49
18.  Roxanne Love Theme 3.34


For well over 30 years Bruce Smeaton has been Australia's leading composer of feature films and television. As films like "The Great Macarthy", "The Alien Years" and "Monkey Grip" testify, not only was he innovative in his approach to scoring for film, but his music could stand on its own merits. Bruce could also write more traditional film scores, like "Iceman", "Eleni" and "A Town Like Alice". Even then, on closer examination, he was still pressing the boundaries of film scoring, such as his concerto-like introduction of the shakuhachi flute in "Iceman".

What is also common in these and his other themes on this CD, however, is the illustration of his enormous gift for melody. "Roxanne", a joyous and heartwarming comedy, is wonderfully served by Bruce's themes. The importance of his themes and underscoring, to the film's larrikin sense of humour, is well gauged by imagining the film without his music. It's nowhere near the same without his contribution. The film's underlying tenderness and love come from the music, which still lives its life well, however, outside of the boundaries of the film.

These and his other themes have become etched into people's minds. His themes for "Seven Little Australians", "Patrol Boat" and "A Town Like Alice" are immediately remembered by television viewers, as are his haunting melodies for "Picnic at Hanging Rock" and "The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith". This compilation bears witness to the extraordinary range of Bruce Smeaton.

Notes by Philip Powers © 2003

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