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52nd Sydney Film Festival: Music for Film - Cults Classics Curios
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CD Code: SACD103
Composer: John Barry / Brian May
Price: Deleted
52nd Sydney Film Festival: Music for Film - Cults Classics Curios
Composer: John Barry / Brian May
Conductor: Various
Production Notes: This curious release was for the 52nd Sydney Film Festival. It comprises several strange, compelling pieces of mostly Australian film music. 


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Never Mind OPENING CREDITS (Don Meers)
2.  Testing Times THE BOX (David Lindup)
3.  End Theme THE HARD WORLD (David Thrussell)
4.  Sky High THE MAN FROM HONG KONG (Jigsaw)
5.  Dreamland ANGST (Tooth)
6.  The Muse HILLS HOIST (The New Pollutants)
7.  Heidi's Theme SOMERSAULT (Decoder Ring)
8.  All of This LEFT EAR
9.  New Flat DIRTY DEEDS (Paul Healy)
10.  Swoon INTERMISSION (Philip Brophy)
11.  11 Opening LIGHTLY BAKED (Jarrod Factor)
12.  The Final Dance WALKABOUT (John Barry/City of Prague Philharmonia Orchestra)
13.  Last Chance LIGHTLY BAKED (Jarrod Factor)
14.  Ray's Themes EVERYTHING GOES (Ben Frost)
15.  Flight from the Evil Toecutter MAD MAX (Brian May)
16.  A Week is Too Long THE KING OF HEARTS (Orisha)
17.  3_m10_thick.aiff TWO THIRDS SKY (Kazumichi Grime)
18.  Pour Chiens Moyens THE ILLUSTRATED FAMILY DOCTOR (Severed Heads)
19.  Pool HUNGRY HEART (David Bridie and John Phillips)
20.  Artifical Snow BLINK (Pretty Boy Crosover)
21.  Tropic of Cancer NANAON NO SENRITSU (Ens)

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