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Three Dollars
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CD Code: ABC4767626
Composer: Alan John
Price: Deleted
Three Dollars (2005)
Composer: Alan John
Starring: David Wenham, Francis O'Connor and Sarah Wynter
Directed by: Robert Connolly
Production Notes: Best Original Music Score AFI Award nomination (2005). 
Film Notes: Won 2 AFI Awards (2005) for Best Screenplay (adapted) and Young Actor's Award. [source:IMDB] 


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  We Are the Dead
2.  Keep it Clean
3.  Transmission
4.  Whispering Pines
5.  Walk a Mile in My Shoes
6.  My Funny Valentine
7.  Sweetheart
8.  This is Noam
9.  Darlin Ukelele
10-20.  Three Dollars Original Score by Alan John

  Also available by Alan John:  The Bank and Looking for Alibrandi.

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