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Suburban Mayhem
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CD Code: IR5224CD
Composer: Mick Harvey
Price: Deleted
Suburban Mayhem (2006)
Composer: Mick Harvey
Starring: Emily Barclay, Michael Dorman, Robert Morgan, Anthony Hayes, Laurence Bruels, Mia Wasikowska and Geneviève Lemon
Directed by: Paul Goldman
Production Notes: Won 2006 AFI for Best Original Music Score (Mick Harvey). Won IF Award for Best Music. 


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  "My Side of the Story..."
2.  Double Dare - ADALITA
3.  Troubled Mind - THE BUFF MEDWAYS
4.  Paco Doesn't Love Me - SPAZZYS
6.  Inbred Disco - BIRD BLOBS
7.  Sex Beat - ADALITA
8.  Daddy - MAGIC DIRT
9.  Devil Song - THEREDSUNBAND
10.  This is a Love Song - LITTLE BIRDY
11.  38 Crash - SUZI QUATRO
12.  The Sunshine Drive - SPAZZYS
13.  Sucker Love - MAGIC DIRT
14.  "I Don't Have a Nan..."
15.  The Samurai Sword - Score
16.  Danny Gets Arrested - Score
17.  Judge Threw Away the Key - Score
18.  Fudging Someone Else - Score
19.  Smoking the Bong - Score
20.  Driven to Kenny - Score
21.  Kenny Does the Deed - Score
22.  Goodnight Bub (The Murder) - Score
23.  I Did it for You - Score
24.  Brainwashing with Kindness - Score
25.  "My Brother's a Murderer..."


This is not a Mint CD but it is in good condition.

2006 AFI Awards: Won 3 AFI Awards for Best Actress (Emily Barclay), Best Supporting Actor (Anthony Hayes) and Best Original Music Score (Mick Harvey).

Nominated for 12 AFI Awards (but not for Best Film).


  Also available by Mick Harvey:  Chopper (words & music) and Australian Rules.

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