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CD Code: 5535392
Composer: Steve Kilbey
Price: Deleted
Blackrock (1997)
Composer: Steve Kilbey
Starring: Linda Cropper, Laurence Breuls, Simon Lyndon, Rebecca Smart and Chris Haywood
Directed by: Steven Vidler
Film Notes: 1997 AFI Awards: Nominated for 5 AFI Awards: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Simon Lyndon), Best Actress (Rebecca Smart), Best Cinematography 


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Track Listing: 1.  The Way of All Things (Barnard/Snellen/O'Mara/McDonald) - REBECCA'S EMPIRE
2.  Teach Me (Perkins/Cruickshank/Gormly) - THE CRUEL SEA
3.  Saturated (Owen/Rilen) - BEASTS OF BOURBON)
4.  Portable Walt Whitman (Ben Lee) - BEN LEE
5.  Gonna Make You (Fretcher/Page) - TUMBLEWEED
6.  Titanic Days (N. Craft/M. Craft) - SIDEWINDER
7.  A Day Away (Shihad) - SHIHAD
8.  Bound for the Floor (Local H) - LOCAL H
9.  Ghost of Love Returned (Phillis/Clouds) - THE CLOUDS
10.  Not Coming Home (Sidewinder) - SIDEWINDER
11.  No Need to Argue (O'Riordan) - THE CRANBERRIES
12.  Tailor's Eye (Aylward/Swirl) - SWIRL
13.  Kisses (Bonham) - TRACY BONHAM
14.  State of Graceful Mourning (Peno/Myers) - DIED PRETTY
15.  Blackrock Antitheme (S. Kilbey) - STEVE KILBEY


This is not a mint CD but it is in good condition. 

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