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Sentimental Bloke, The
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CD Code: HEAD048
Composer: Jen Anderson
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Sentimental Bloke, The (1919)
Composer: Jen Anderson
Directed by: Ratmond Longford
Production Notes: This recording is of a score written and recorded by Jen Anderson for the 1995 opening night of the Melbourne Film Festival. It was performed live at The Astor Cinema, followed by a short season for which the score was played live. 


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Track Listing: 1.  Bill and Doreen - the Song
2.  Minor Drama
3.  The Argument
4.  Chasing Doreen
5.  Emergency
6.  The First Date
7.  The Reception
8.  Curse of an Aching Heart
9.  Sad Sorrow
10.  Drunken Dream
11.  Meeting Mar
12.  There You Have It

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