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CD Code: LP P430006
Composer: Iva Davies
Price: Deleted
Razorback (1984)
Composer: Iva Davies
Starring: Gregory Harrison, Chris Haywood and Bill Kerr
Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
Production Notes: This an LP (vinyl). It is not available on CD. 


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Theme from Razorback 4.15
2.  Sarah's Theme 2.47
3.  Hatchet 0.18
4.  Saltlake Walk 2.31
5.  Jake's Vigil 1.19
6.  Kangaroo Shoot 6.24
7.  Jake's Death 3.08
8.  The Desert 1.59
9.  "Jesus Wept" 2.11
10.  The Visit 2.19
11.  Beth's Rape 5.04
12.  Petpak 2.28
13.  Theme from Razorback 2.37

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