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For Love Alone
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: LP 2541381
Composer: Nathan Waks
Price: Deleted
For Love Alone (1986)
Composer: Nathan Waks
Starring: Sam Neill, Helen Buday and Hugo Weaving
Directed by: Stephen Wallace
Production Notes: This is an LP (Vinyl). Not available on CD. 
Film Notes: Five AFI Award nominations including Best Score. Other scores nominated for 1986 Best Score were Burke and Wills (Peter Sculthorpe), The More Things Change (Peter Best) and the winner, Young Einstein (Martin Armiger). 


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  Pavane Op. 50 "Sydney Streets" (Faure)
2.  Lowlands - Sea Shanty "Beach Walk I" (Traditional)
3.  Pavane Reprise "Leaving Jonathan's" (Faure)
4.  Lowlands Reprise "Beach Walk II" (Faure)
5.  P R "Lucy" (Faure)
6.  Quick's Quickstep "Shipboard Dance" (Waks)
7.  Panama Hat "James Comes on Board" (Waks)
8.  Tess's Tango "Engagement Party" (Waks)
9.  Romance Sans Paroles - "Walking to Malfi's Wedding" (Faure)
10.  Countess of Westmoreland - "Swank restaurant" (Shield)
11.  Romance Reprise "Leaving Australia" (Traditional)
12.  Wedding Waltz "Malfi's Wedding" (Traditional)
13.  Mudgee Waltz "Oxford Pub" (Traditional)
14.  Wedding Waltz (Echo) "Beach Walk III" (Traditional)
15.  Romance Reprise "Remembering Australia" (Traditional)
16.  Trio Sonata in B Flat "The Wedding" (Telemann)

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