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CD Code: LP L38460
Composer: Cameron Allan
Price: Deleted
EMOH RUO (1985)
Composer: Cameron Allan
Starring: Joy Smithers, Philip Quast and Martin Sacks
Directed by: Denny Lawrnce


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Track Listing: 1.  Our Home (Instrumental) [John Cifforth)]
2.  Build it Right (The Easybeats)
3.  I Don't Dream (GANG gajang)
4.  Made for You (Broderick Smith-Vanetta Field)
5.  Our Home (John Clifforth)
6.  Path of Stone (Stetsons)
7.  Terry Through a Fish Tank
8.  Tunkley's Leave Home
9.  Sharks in the Bath
10.  Sam Tregado in an Asian Mood
11.  Sam Tregado in a Greek Mood
12.  Des Builds a BBQ
13.  The Jaguar Samba
14.  Made for You (Instrumental)

  Also available by Cameron Allan:  The Umbrella Woman.

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