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Ginger Meggs
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: LP APLP055
Composer: Stuart Campell Foerster Thraves
Price: Deleted
Ginger Meggs (1982)
Composer: John Stuart and Kim Thraves
Starring: Paul Daniel, Mark Spain, Gary McDonald, Drew Forsythe and Hugh Keays Byrne
Directed by: Jonathan Dawson
Production Notes: This is an LP (Vinyl). CD has not been released. 


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Ginger Meggs 2.39
2.  Polly's Party 3.36
3.  Circus Song 2.05
4.  Benny's Song 2.34
5.  Min 3.30
6.  Fishing Music (Instrumental) 1.28
7.  Terrible Right 2.42
8.  If Only He Wasn't Around 4.42
9.  Tony's Song 4.00
10.  Tiger Kelly 3.47
11.  Captain Hook (Instrumental) 1.34

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