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CD Code: LP 55599
Composer: Bruce Rowland
Price: Deleted
Anzacs (1985)
Composer: Bruce Rowland
Conductor: Bruce Rowland
Starring: Andrew Clarke, Jon Blake and Paul Hogan
Directed by: Pino Amenta, John Dixon and George Miller
Production Notes: This is an LP (vinyl). Not released on CD. 


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Opening Theme
2.  Riding with Kate
3.  Martin and Kate's Theme
4.  Young German's Letter
5.  Off to War
6.  Macarthur Gets Hit
7.  Ma Baker Meets Roly's Mum
8.  The Battle for Gallipoli
9.  We're Going Home
10.  Keep the Home Fires Burning
11.  Oh What a Lovely War
12.  Roly Meets Marie
13.  Madamoiselle from Armentiers
14.  Palm Court Waltz
15.  Lt. Harold Armstrong
16.  Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend
17.  The French Cafe
18.  Pompey Elliott's March
19.  The War in Europe
20.  Sad Reflections
21.  There's a Long, Long Trail A-Winding
22.  Closing Theme

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