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Mad Max
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: VCD47144
Composer: Brian May
Price: Deleted
Mad Max (1979)
Composer: Brian May
Conductor: Brian May
Starring: Mel Gibson
Directed by: George Miller (Dr)


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  Main Title 2.03
2.  Max the Hunter 2.10
3.  Max Decides on Vengeance 2.40
4.  The Final Chase 1.47
5.  Terrible Death of Jim Goose 1.02
6.  We'll Give 'em Back Their Heroes 1.13
7.  Pain and Triumph 2.15
8.  Dazed Goose 0.35
9.  Foreboding in the Vast Landscape 2.08
10.  Declaration of War 1.30
11.  Flight from the Evil Toecutter 2.25
12.  Pursuit and Tragedy 1.55
13.  Jesse Alone, Uneasy and Exhausted 1.40
14.  The Beach House 1.55
15.  The Nightriders Rave 1.20
16.  Jesse Searches for her Child 0.55
17.  Rampage of the Toecutter 1.47
18.  The Crazing of Johnny the Boy 2.05
19.  Outtakes Suite (in 5 parts) 6.00


Arguably the most influential Australian soundtrack of all time, if not the most well known. 

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