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Look Both Ways
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CD Code: 20024
Composer: Various (score: Amanda Brown)
Price: Deleted
Look Both Ways (2005)
Composer: Various (score: Amanda Brown)
Starring: William McInnes, Justine Clarke, Mary Kostakidis and Anthony Hayes
Directed by: Sarah Watt
Production Notes: There are 4 tracks of the score by Amanda Brown on this CD. 
Film Notes: Winner of 2007 AFI Awards for Best Direction (Sarah Watt), Best Film (Bridget Ikin), Best Original Screenplay (Sarah Watt) and Best Supporting Actor (Anthony Hayes) 


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Track Listing: 1.  Lighthouse (The Waifs)
2.  Rain Falls for Wind (The Sleepy Jackson)
3.  Human Being (Clare Bowditch)
4.  Incident at the Railway Tracks (score: A. Brown)
5.  Crashing (Gersey)
6.  Let Me Be (Xavier Rudd)
7.  This Old House (GIT)
8.  Caught Out (score - Amanda Brown)
9.  Dark of my Moon [Demo] (Gene Clark)
10.  Eleven (Lisa Miller)
11.  Chlorine Dream (score - Amanda Brown)
12.  Lonely (Mia Dyson)
13.  Carpe Et Diem (Royalchord)
14.  Racing the Train (score - Amanda Brown)
15.  Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone (The Arlenes)
16.  Never Ever Worry (Lord Pretender)

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