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CD Code: D24169
Composer: David Thrussell
Price: Deleted
Angst (2000)
Composer: David Thrussell
Starring: Sam Lewis, Jessica Napier, Justin Smith, Abi Tucker
Directed by: Daniel Nettheim
Production Notes: Won the IF Award (2000) for Best Music (David Thrussell). 


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Night of the Living Latte (David Thrussell)
2.  Home (Abi Tucker)
3.  Late 20th Century Boy (Snog)
4.  Arthur's Pizza (Pnau)
5.  Toaster Junkie (David Thrussell)
6.  Animal Logic (Flux)
7.  Dawn of the Indecypherables (David Thrussell)
8.  Collaborator (Simon Day)
9.  Attack of the Killer Pink Dildo (David Thrussell)
10.  Holybill (Wicked Seat Sound System)
11.  I Funk Therefore I Am
12.  Embrace (Endorphin)
13.  Return of the Daily Dread (David Thrussell)
14.  Breaking the Ant System (Gerling)
15.  Potato Bong (David Thrussell)
16.  Break and Enter (David Thrussell)
17.  ...Or Maybe Not (sonicanimation)
18.  Sleeping with Pure Memory (David Thrussell)
19.  Move You (Abi Tucker)
20.  Sinister (Wicked Beat)
21.  The Winged Measurer (Soma)

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