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Devil In The Flesh / We of the Never Never
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Composer: Philippe Sarde / Peter Best
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Devil In The Flesh
Composer: Philippe Sarde
Conductor: Jonathan Mills
Starring: Katia Caballero, Keith Smith, John Morris, Jill Forster
Directed by: Scott Murray
Film Notes: (aka. Beyond Innocence) 
We Of The Never Never
Composer: Peter Best
Conductor: Peter Best
Starring: Arthur Dignam, Angela Punch-McGregor
Directed by: Igor Auzins


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Track Listing: Devil in the Flesh
1.  Journeys 5.26
2.  Departures 4.09
3.  Torment and Passion 4.30
4.  A Return 1.28
5.  Strength Found 2.41
We of the Never Never
6.  Opening Theme 1.54
7.  Crossing the Creek 1.28
8.  The Journey Begins 1.38
9.  The New House 2.21
10.  The Maluka Rides a Horse 2.11
11.  Tears in the Tent 0.59
12.  Jeannie 1.23
13.  Bathing the Goannas 2.46
14.  The Muster 2.05
15.  Sunset in the Never Never 0.21
16.  We of the Never Never 3.56
17.  The Stockman's Funeral 2.03
18.  A Walk in Grass 0.47
19.  The Wagons Arrive 1.15
20.  Misunderstandings 0.35
21.  Goggle-Eye is Dead 1.11
22.  Aeneas Loves Jeannie 0.23
23.  Jeannie and the Birds 1.15
24.  Poor Jeannie 1.35
25.  Farewell to the Maluka 1.15
26.  Closing Theme 2.58


This is a very rare soundtrack recording.

The great Philippe Sarde whose memorable scores for Quest for Fire and Pirates haunt the memories of film music enthusiasts, was asked to write a score for an Australian film based on a stunning French novel, Le Diable au Corps. The story is transposed into Australia during World War II by writer-director Scott Murray. The music enhanced the powerful and unsentimental aspects of the original novel to a film about the moving love story of sexual discovery. The score provides the basis for this exploration of young love, and an immature boy's discovery of desire, and finally an understanding of his sexual longings.

We of the Never Never is one of Australia's great films. Based on the autobiography of Aeneas Gunn, who travels from the comforts of the city to the barren Australian outback, this film has one of the all time great Australian scores, composed by Peter Best, with a theme that is so breathtaking in its beauty that not only does it sum up the great Australian outdoors, but it provides the most lyrical and transcendental statement of the paradox of the beauty of the Australian landscape and its inherent loneliness.


  Also available by Philippe Sarde / Peter Best:  The Leaving Of Liverpool, The Heroes / Heroes II - The Return, Rebel, Muriel's Wedding, Doing Time for Patsy Cline, Dad and Dave: On Our Selection and Crocodile Dundee (1986).

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