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For The Term Of His Natural Life
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CD Code: 1M1CD1001
Composer: Simon Walker
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For The Term Of His Natural Life
Composer: Simon Walker
Conductor: Simon Walker
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Patrick Macnee, Samantha Eggar, Diane Cilento, Rod Mullinar, Robert Coleby, Susan Lyons, Penelope Stewart, Colin Friels
Directed by: Rob Stewart


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Track Listing: 1.  Main Title / Coming Home 3.07
2.  Lord Bellasis' Watch 1.27
3.  Convicted 1.54
4.  The Mutiny 2.23
5.  The Penal Colony 4.43
6.  Dawes And Sylvia / The Flogging 1.42
7.  Hallucination 2.41
8.  Escape From The Rock 4.22
9.  Caught Again 2.11
10.  The Chains Removed 2.54
11.  Dawes Conciders Escape 2.02
12.  The Rescue 1.29
13.  Reverend Meekin 0.50
14.  Fight In The Coal Mine 1.45
15.  Impersonations 1.25
16.  The Escape / The Arrival At Sydney Harbour 3.12
17.  The Goldfields / A New Friendship 2.21
18.  Frere's Death 1.05
19.  The Conspiracy Revealed 1.40
20.  Sylvia And Dawes Reunited / End Titles 3.11


This CD was produced by Philip Powers (and Simon Walker).

This mini-series made in Australia in 1982 was based on the famous convict novel by Marcus Clarke.

The story follows the progress of a wrongly convicted Englishmen, Rufus Dawes as he is sent to an Australian penal colony. The score by Simon Walker captures the anguish of a psychological conflict between a condemned man and the knowledge of his innocence, the hardship of the penal camps, and the inhuman brutality of the guards.

The score moves from the raw energy of a fight in a coal mine amongst prisoners, to the excitement of Dawes' escape, to the love that he has for the woman he has been separated from, Sylvia. For those who have seen the mini-series, it is a reminder of the different events which occurred in Dawes' often tragic adult life. For others, it will be an introduction to the composer of one of the most symphonic scores ever composed for an Australian mini-series.

As a matter of interest, this compact disc release was the first produced by the Australian soundtrack company ONEMONE Records.

- Philip Powers

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